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Posts published in “Homebrews”

The Longest Pint

This is Part 1 of a series on how to grow and brew your own beer. Over the year, I'm growing my own hops, building my own brew setup, making my own recipe, brewing a batch, fermenting it and then bottling it.

The Oldest Beer…IN THE WORLD

Okay, so maybe not quite the oldest beer in the world, but a decent argument can and has been made that since the first beers were almost certainly wild and open fermented, they bore more than a passing resemblance to the subject of this post. By the way, this is the first in a planned three-part series on lambics. The next two will be shorter.

We Brew! Winter Saison

Last week, I wrote about saison, and mentioned that we were thinking of brewing our own. Well, we did, and today’s post is about that…

My own, my precious…er, imperial stout

I figured it’s probably about time I explained who the “we” I sometimes refer to are. Though I’ve been known to be a bit bossy, it’s not the royal “we” I’m using; there’s me (Meagan), the main writer behind this operation, and the one for whom the blog is named, in a manner of speaking. And then there’s Ben, who does much of the real brewing work (including all of the heavy lifting), at least half of the beer tasting, and most of the science and maths. 

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