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Pizza – the one food?

“Forty-two!” yelled Loonquawl. “Is that all you’ve got to show for seven and a half million years’ work?” “I checked it very thoroughly,” said the…

Guest Post: Beer Schnaps

This here is a guest post by the enviably well-traveled Doug Brainard, long-time homebrewer and UNYHA (Upstate New York Homebrewers Association) member. Earlier in the year, he contributed How Long Would you Wait for a Pint?, on his award-winning framboise lambics. Rare and delicious, Doug’s lambics are a real treat for those lucky enough to taste them. Today, Doug’s not talking about his own brews; he’s back with a travel article and tasting notes from what might be the world’s smallest pub.

Doug Brainard
Doug Brainard
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